Roll tensioner for blister line

Recently, at Forstek d.o.o., we have developed a solution for issues with foil on feeder rollers of blister lines. Compatible with many lines, mounting without physically interfering with the line. We introduce a tensioning ...

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Digital transformation of the company

Successful candidacy at the Public tender with the operation Digital transformation of the company FORSTEK d.o.o. Name of operation FORSTEK d.o.o. with the operation Digital transformation of the company FORSTEK ...

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GHA Surface treatment of parts for blister packaging machines

When designing and manufacturing aluminium parts for blister pack machines is crucial to achieve optimal surface properties of components. One of the most used techniques for optimizing materials in engineering applications ...

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Blister pack design process

The input data for the blister pack design process are the geometry of the product, the size of the blister pack, the desired number of products per blister pack and the material of the forming foil. First step is designing ...

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FACHPACK 2018 fair in Nürnberg

“If you observe the mosaic frontally, throughout the entire hall, your eye initially catches a strip of blue hues running from left to right, all over the mosaic, that depict the Sava River … there is an old oar and a few ...

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